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R2R0: anacardiumphilia

“The enigma of the artist’s images is considerable, and it is easy to be, or to pretend to be, baffled.” Post-Modern Art will never be the same.
The catalog is available here.


Hipsters, fixies, big airplanes, black and white, color, artists, wall-art and Los Angeles visuals.

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[Mouse over image to see changes] In late 2009 I'd photographed this gentleman for the Los Angeles Metropolitan YMCA, as one of their chapter profiles. This photo was one of the warm-ups before the actual portrait that was used in the program guides. His daughter [left] like the image, but wanted to retouched out of the image, and what would it cost? Since an estimate does not convey value to a lay-person, I rendered the image, sent a watermarked approval image for her perusal. It made the sale.

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rhi catalog

Detail from the RHI Entertainment Catalog.

Swart Advertising

CD: Alex Swart

Assisted designers and creative director translating a designer's layout to a working book. This consisted of formatting and most importantly, indexing the 931 titles in the 96pp book.

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